Welcome to our personal genealogy journey, a culmination of over two decades of research into our family's history, predominantly sourced from primary documents, and enriched by the insights of DNA testing. This endeavor has been more than just tracing names and dates; it's been a exploration of discovery and connection.

Our roots extend back to the heartlands of Europe, where the Zander family originated in Posen and Pomerania in West Prussia, regions now situated in Poland. While other members of the Zander family dispersed across the globe, our ancestor embarked on a unique path to the sun-drenched arid land of South West Africa in the early 1900s, carving a livelihood as a cattle rancher.

Meanwhile, the Forster lineage, originally from Switzerland, found its way to the Saarland and Pfalz regions, now part of Germany. While many later pursued opportunities in the United States, our Forster ancestor's sense of adventure brought her to South West Africa.

Originally from Moselle, France and Bavaria, Germany, the Austro-Hungarian Empire enticed the Klein side of the family in the late 1700s to an area now mostly in Serbia and Romania, finally finding sanctuary in the promising shores of the United States just before World War I.

The Bachmann family, deeply rooted in the lands of Hessen and Rheinland-Pfalz, were content to remain in the embrace of their homeland, until one member bravely ventured to the United States after the upheavals of World War II.

My research is ongoing, so do check back from time to time for updates.

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