The Zander Family

The area designated as Schlochau on this website belonged to several different jurisdictions throughout the years. It was originally purchased by the German Knights Order in 1312. The land was lost in the War between Poland and the German Knights Order in 1454-1466. The partitioning of Poland in 1772, 1793, and 1795 divided the land among Prussia, Russia and Austria with Schochau going to West Prussia in 1772. After WWI in 1919, 1/5 of Schlochau became part of Grenzmark Posen-West Prussia. Schlochau became part of Pomerania (Pommern) in 1938. After WWII, Schlochau became part of Poland and was called Czluchów.

Steinborn (Slupia), where generations of Zanders lived was originally called Straßendorf. Steinborn was a farming village with only 539 residents in 108 households in 1925.

The Welke and Wenski families lived in Schwente which has existed since the 1400s. There were only Polish inhabitants until 1751 Schwente when Martin Remus purchased the Freischulzengut (mayoral estate), Schwente No. 1 from Valentin Marczynski for 2050 Tympf. After the Swedish War in 1700-1721, German settlers were brought in, giving them their own Freischulzengut, Schwente No. 2. This created two separately run villages. The first Freischulz was David Wenski, a member of the minor Polish noble Wienskowski family originally from Wienskowo. Schwente No. 2 was passed to his son Daniel, who handed it to his brother Christoph in 1769. Christoph died on 10 Aug 1793. During his lifetime, Schwente No. 2 had been managed first by his son Johannes, and after 1793 by his son Martin Wenski, who lost his life through a tragic accident in 1829. In 1831 his son Samuel Wenski inherited Schwente No. 2. Then it was inherited by his daughter Augusta Bertha and her husband Wilhelm Eduard Welke, (grandparents of Erhard Hugo Zander), on 22 Nov 1855.

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