Will of William Redford

October 18th 1826 Williamson County, I William Redford as my last will and testament do give and bequeath the use profit and benefit of my hole estate to my wife Susan Redford during her natural life or widowhood and then equally divided with my children.

William Redford
William Stacy
Mary Stacy
Susan Stacy

Source: Will Book, volume 5, pages 202, Williamson County, Tennessee

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Inventory of William Redford

William Radford, Deceased, Inventory January Term 1833
State of Tennessee, Williamson County, whereas at the last County Court held at Franklin, Williamson County, State of Tennessee in October A.D. eighteen hundred and thirty two it was ordered adjudged and [   ed] by said Court that Susannah Radford, senr. widow of the late William Radford, dec’d, should give a true inventory of all the property belonging to the estate of William Radford, dec’d. She being sworn at the court aforesaid to do it whereas the following is a list of all the property that remained at the decease of the above named William Radford the tract of land on which the widow now lives containing ninety two acres, six negroes and two horses, seven head of cattle sixteen head of sheep, four ploughs, four hoes, four axes, one pair of traces(?), one frow(?) one iron wedge, three saws, three augers, two plains, one grindstone, sixteen head of hogs, nineteen head of geese, five beds and furniture and three bedsteads, one chest and one sugar chest, two smoothing irons, two coffee pots, one coffee mill, fifteen plates and two dishes, one half dozen knives, and forks, nine spoons, eight chairs, two wheels, one loom, two pitchers, and five glasses, one stale(?), two kettles, one pot and one spihen(?) one cooper’s howel, one looking glass, two water pails, one tub, one shovel, two pair of pot hooks, one iron pot rack, one griddle, one tutel(?), one pair of steelyards, one pair of candle moulds, two bowls, one sugar dish, one cream pot, the name of the heirs are as follows: Martha, Nancy the heirs of John, Sarah, James, Mary, Elizabeth, Lucy, Hannah, Susannah, Jane or Jesse(?), Ruth, given under my hand this the 28th Decr. 1832

Susannah Radford, Senr.

State of Tennessee
Williamson County Court January Term 1833
An inventory of the estate of William Radford decided and produced in court and ordered to be recorded.

Source: Will Book, County Court, 1825-1834, volume 5, page 228-9, Williamson County, Tennessee

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