Will of David Lancaster

William W. Pettus administrator of said estate hearing this day, filed his application in writing under oath, praying for an order and proceeding to sell certain real estate in said petition described of the property of said decedent at the time of his death, for the purpose of paying the debts due from said estate, upon the ground that the [   ] property is insufficient for that purpose; and it appearing from an inspection of said petition, that the only heirs of said estate or of said deceased, are as follows viz: the children of John Lancaster, now deceased, who was a son of the said David Lancaster are Martha A. Lancaster aged 22 years, Andrew J. Lancaster aged 20. William Lancaster 18. Mary Lancaster 16. Emily Lancaster 14 + John Lancaster 14 years, all of whom reside in Franklin County, Alabama. The children of Nancy Roberts deceased who was daughter of said David Lancaster, are Lucy J. Roberts aged 18 years, Martha A. Roberts 16. Nancy E. Roberts 14 + Susan R. Roberts aged 12 years, all of whom reside in said County of Lauderdale. Angeline Pettus, who is the daughter of said David Lancaster and her husband Horatio P. Pettus. Samuel Lancaster all of whom are of full age and reside in said County of Lauderdale. William D. Lancaster of full age + resides in Jonesboro, Tishomingo County, Mississippi, Martha Bulew + her husband Jacob Bulew, who reside in Lawrence County, Tennessee, the said Martha being the daughter of Said David Lancaster, Joshua Smith + his wife Lucy, the said Lucy being the daughter of said David Lancaster + the children of ______ Stutts deceased, who was the wife of Leonard M. Stutts and the daughter of said David Lancaster, viz. Catherine Roberts who has married James Roberts, Martha Goodman + her husband ______ Goodman, David Stutts 20 years of age, Ann Lucy Stutts 16 + Robert J. Stutts 7 years of age, all reside in Lauderdale County, Alabama, Jane Jones + her husband Jesse Jones, age + resident unknown. Elizabeth F. Stutts 22 years of age. James S. Stutts 18 years of age, Mary V. Stutts who resides in the state of Tennessee and is 14 years of age + William Y. Stutts age 12 years. residence unknown. It is therefore ordered that the 10th day of September 1860 be and it is hereby appointed a day for hearing the said application and the proof which may be submitted in support of the same. It is further ordered that due notice of the nature of said application and of the time above set for the hearing hereof, be given at least three weeks before the day of said hearing, by publication in the Florence Gazette, a newspaper published in said County, for all persons in interest to appear and contest said application if they think proper. It is further ordered the heirs residing in the State of Alabama have notice of this proceeding and of the day set for hearing the same, by citation to be personally served in them.

W. T. Hawkins, Judge
Probate Court 22nd August 1860 Special Term. [  ]

Wiley J. Hawkins, Judge

John Underhill
John Hunt

Source: Probate Court Minutes, pages 41-42, Lauderdale County, Alabama

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