Will of Robert Chandler

I Robert Chandler, being sick in body but in perfect memory, doe [sic] by [__] ordain this my last will + testament in manner + form as following: First I bequeath by soul to God who gave it [__] believing it I shall be saved through [__] of [__] I give my body to [__] be decently buried by my executrix hereinafter named and for those corporall things [__] it [__] pleased God in his [__] to bestow upon me, I doe [sic] bequeath in manner and form following, my just debts being paid

I give unto my oldest sonne [sic], William Chandler the [__] or one half of a parcel of land, now L. County, bought of Thomas [S__], to him and his heyers [sic] forever, the other half of I give unto second sonne [sic] Robert Chandler to him and his heyers [sic] for ever, if either of my aforesaid sonns [sic] die before his heyers [sic] [__] lawfully begot the survivors to enjoy the whole.

Item I give unto my well beloved wife Elizabeth Chandler the plantation it is now [__] upon [__] of land I formerly bought of John Babb [__] woodland as she(?) shall and(?) [__] wife during her natural life and her land lying is New Kent County.

Item. I give unto my sonns [sic] John and Francis Chandler [__] parcel of land I bought of aforesaid John Babb to them + their heyers [sic] for ever they nor neither of them [__] their mother Elizabeth Chandler in what I have hereby given her during her life and [__] of eithers mortality sd. surviving sonn [sic] to enjoy the land and in case [__] either parcel of land should [__] oath(?) if those sonns [sic] [__] and [__] of, it is my will that sd. surviving sonns [sic] [__] found doe [sic] enjoy the same. And if all my four heyers [sic] should die [__]

Item. I will bequeath all my land bought as aforesaid unto my daughter Mary Chandler and her heyers [sic] forever.

Item. I will [__] that my sonne [sic] William have four cows it being [__] [__] godfather William Davis gave him.

Item I give and bequeath unto my sonne [sic] Robert Chandler one two-year old heifer [__] [__] [__] [__] by [__] name of [__] [__]

Item. I give + bequeath unto my daughter Mary Chandler one cow [__] my plantation in now Kent County [__] [__] shall [__] [__].

Item. I give + bequeath unto my loving wife Elizabeth all the rest of my estate being it is quality forever, + doe [sic] hereby make her sole executrix of this my last will and testament [__] making void [__] [__] [__] all other wills or will formerly by me made and this only to [__] [__] be my last will + testament. As witnessed my hand + sealed this 21st of February 1668

signed and sealed in the presents of us

Robert Chandler
John Underhill
John Hunt

Source: Will Book, volume 4, page 243, York County, Virginia

I am not providing the image of this document, because much the writing on this will is illegible due to the very poor quality of the microfilm.