David Lancaster - Bounty Land Warrant

The foregoing declaration and affidavit was sworn to
and subscribed before me on the day and year above
written and I certify that I know the applicant
to be credible person, that the claimant is the
person he represents himself to be and that I have
no interest in this claim.

Thomas Stone, J. P.

The State of Alabama
Lauderdale County

I Wiley T. Hawkins
Judge of Probate
Court of the County aforesaid and by law the
keeper of the seal of said County hereby certify
that Thomas Stone whose genuine signature appears
to the foregoing declaration and affidavit is
and was at the time of subscribing to the same
an acting Justice of the Peace in and for
said State and County, duly commissioned
and qualified.

In testimony of which I
hereunto subscribe my name
and affix the seal of said
County at office in Florence
the 3rd day of May 1855

W. T. Hawkins
P. Judge

Source: Bounty Land Files: can number 160, bundle number 187, National Archives and Records Administration, Washington, D. C.